Welcome to the live SEO Webinar series by Jason Pittock. In this video I break down how to build an SEO-Led content strategy that gets traffic.

There are 3 reasons why your content doesn't rank:

Reason 1: The content narrative isn’t directed to the right persona
Reason 2: The content is badly structured and cannot be indexed by major search engines
Reason 3: The strategy behind the content is not SEO-led

In this webinar, I show how to build an SEO-led content strategy that allows your content to rank, gain organic visibility and get the right eyeballs on your digital assets!
I interview Mark Mazur an Emmy-awarded film director and veteran content creator, as we dive into how to approach content creation with an SEO-Led approach.

If you would like to access the brief or content framework we discussed or drop me a message, or reach out to me on chat.