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SEO Coaching for Leaders

The SEO coaching program is for business leaders and professionals to learn and understand the foundational principles of SEO so they can ask the right questions and execute soundly.

Enabling business leaders to leverage SEO for today’s web 2.0 and for tomorrow’s web 3.0. Equip and stand apart with elite training that will stand the test of time.

The SEO Masterclass can be carried out in person or virtually. Businesses can take advantage of remotely training their teams efficiently or enjoy the possibility of the in-person SEO Masterclass.

What is SEO coaching?

SEO coaching is a process in which a professional SEO coach enables a marketing professional or business in the pursuit of their SEO goals. An SEO coach will help their client build integral SEO skills, create SEO strategies, or improve their mindset to comprehensively understand SEO as a foundational pillar of their core marketing strategy. The enablement depends on what the person hiring the SEO coach wants out of the relationship. Most importantly, SEO coaching is about growth and expert support.

What does an SEO coach do?

Working with an SEO coach can be similar to taking on a business partner or building a trusting relationship. So that you can fully understand what working with an SEO coach might entail, let’s answer the question: “what exactly does an SEO coach do?”

1. Maps a path for SEO growth 

The SEO coach helps clients uncover the gap between where they are today and where they want to be. With the help of their SEO coach, the entrepreneur or business leader can also create a solid and strategic marketing plan that drives company growth utilizing the power of SEO. Having an outsider's perspective is just what a leader needs to unlock new SEO growth and company potential. 

2. Helps you discover and clarify the SEO grey areas 

Business leaders often struggle with defining SEO and mapping SEO projects against a clear uncluttered vision. An experienced SEO coach can help walk a client through the process of aligning SEO and business goals, demystifying grey areas. From there, the client can develop the vision, executive decisions, and rock-solid confidence needed to lead their team to SEO success.

3. Provides tailored SEO coaching and expertise that is industry specific

No one knows the unique characteristics of their market, competitive landscape and business better than the business leader. That’s why trying to find actionable SEO material on the internet tailored for the general public. often makes no sense.

SEO coaches solve that problem in three ways. First, SEO coaches have high levels of expertise in specific industries and disciplines. Second, they often have real-world experience as an entrepreneur and business leader themselves implementing SEO strategies first-hand. 

Third, SEO coaches can combine these crucial elements with executive coaching programs. As a result, they can offer tailored SEO advice that is industry-specific and actionable. All of this customization acts as an accelerant for the business owner or leader. This results in a deep understanding of SEO nuances and company growth. 

4. Allows a safe space for sensitive decision marketing

The relationship between a business leader and an SEO coach is a safe and sacred space. Once trust is built, coaching clients can feel free to share strategic strategies, sensitive doubts or questions related to their digital assets and beyond. 

With the support of an SEO coach, the now-supported leader can research unexplored ideas for growth or test new ways .  Not only does this build a leader’s confidence, but it can also directly impact rates of growth, corporate culture, and company vision.

5. Acts as an accountability partner and motivator

A business coach can give corporate executives and business owners a high level of accountability. With more accountability, clients and teams are more likely to take action on big ideas and the things that scare them. Coaches can be trusted confidantes for facilitating corporate growth and personal development.

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