I’ve spent the last 10 years as a highly-paid SEO Marketer in b2b and b2c industries. I know the ins and outs of the SEO industry by heart. But I’ve also learned that SEO isn’t everything. I believe in equipping professionals with the knowledge to avoid the feeling of having hired a service that you either don't know how to manage or don't know what is happening.

Enabling and equipping business leaders and marketing professionals with breakthrough SEO knowledge has become my full-time passion.


From an early age, I knew I wanted to build something that had high quantifiable value.

I failed, many times.

Then I realized that the modern business community needs pragmatic SEO knowledge, one that can equip leaders to make better decisions. Reaching further than the traditional approach, decentralizing the "know-how" using Lean coaching methods.

And this has become my purpose, an elite approach to SEO knowledge.
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  • "We have worked closely with Jason on our SEO strategy for the last 2-3 years. He is extremely knowledgeable and has been a huge asset to our small marketing team. During this time he's played a pivotal role in addressing the technical intricacies of SEO, helped facilitate the successful launch of our new website, supported the optimization of existing and new content, and provided valuable guidance as we shift into a new market. Jason is fantastic to work with and I'd recommend him to anyone in search of SEO expertise."

    Ellis Putnam
    Head of Marketing at edison365
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  • "Jason did a fantastic job helping CGC Translations get a clear action plan for Marketing actions and strategy. We highly recommend Jason for Digital Marketing work! Thanks, Jason!"

    Cintia Cipriotto
    CGC Translations
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  • “Jason has been integral in helping us build our SEO strategies from scratch, and our journey has just begun! We’ve already seen immediate results from some practical changes with our organic rankings. His knowledge is clearly extensive, but what sets Jason apart is his ability to demystify concepts, so it’s clear what’s required to continuously improve. He is also incredibly pragmatic and data-focused, enabling us to stay agile, test ideas and build as much traffic and conversion to our site as possible.”

    Hwei Oh
    CMO @ SolCyber
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  • "Jason has assisted us in growing our inbound SEO by almost 5x in the past 8 months. He's taught us the process so that we are able to continue on our own, with regular check-ins. He kept what was good with our site, and recommended the changes we needed. It was well worthwhile working with Jason and we would recommend him to anyone looking to understand SEO."

    Robert Joliffe
    Founder of Sabre
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  • I have been working with Jason for several years now for my technical SEO and paid ads, particularly on YouTube. Jason is incredibly nice and efficient; he took our brand from a challenging position (53rd place) to the front page of our search category in the US market within just four months. Competing in the US market is tough, but Jason made it possible.
    In addition to his magical SEO skills, he and his company excel in:
    • Generating quality leads through paid advertising
    • Optimizing your conversion funnel
    • Reengaging leads who seemed to have disappeared

    Natalia Rice
    Natalia Rice
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  • "Explains very well what he does and gets the work done well."

    George Alex Popescu
    Founder and CEO @ Brooklyn Equipment
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  • "Super fun guy to talk to and more importantly he knows his stuff. Highly recommend working with him."

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  • "Jason gave a tonne of value and insight into SEO and google. He is honest and genuine with his advice (looking at it from my perspective). He has great strategic thinking in how to reach goals, laser focus on what is most important and thinking outside the box."

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  • "Jason is extremely personable to deal with. He has excellent communication skills. Took a keen interest in the work at hand and familiarised himself with the Business. He met the deadline with the work and completed the task at hand excellently. Would highly recommend."

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  • "I wanted a quick expert opinion and it was done in a professional way. Thanks for sharing your views. I really appreciate it."

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