The SEO Masterclass prides itself on providing honest answers to some of the hardest SEO questions.
Delivering SEO knowledge, at scale for informed decision-making.
1:1 training for business leaders and marketing professionals.
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SEO Masterclass for Marketing Teams

The SEO Masterclass is a 1:1 training program for Marketing Teams and professionals to learn and understand the foundational principles of SEO so they can execute soundly.

Enable your Marketing Team to leverage SEO for today’s web 2.0 and for tomorrow’s web 3.0. Equip your team with knowledge and stand apart with elite training that will stand the test of time.

The SEO Masterclass can be carried out in person or virtually.
Take advantage of remotely training Your teams efficiently or enjoy the possibility of the in-person SEO Masterclass.

SEO Fundamentals

Understanding the core fundamentals of SEO for the website and site architecture.

  1. What is SEO: the 3 mysteries behind unlocking the SEO Journey
  2. What is an SEO strategy? 
  3. Website Architecture for SEO
  4. Website speed performance and development
  5. Traffic sources for authority

SEO Audit & Optimization

Get exact insight into monitoring site health, on-page optimization and scalability.

  1. How to execute a site audit
  2. What is SEO Device optimization and how to use it
  3. Website builders and website development with SEO
  4. Structured data for markup, Schema, Rankmath, Yoast
  5. Internal linking 
  6. Footers and menus 
  7. Scalability of architecture and optimization pyramid

Discovering the Power of Search Intent Optimization

Understanding Google Search attribution suite and interpreting searcher intent.

  1. What is Google looking for in web 2.0 and the future of search in web 3.0
  2. How to optimize content to rank 
  3. How to read optimization metrics and attribution for SEO 
  4. Core Web Vitals, EAT, BERT and other Google Algorithm updates
  5. Impressions vs clicks vs CTR

Content marketing for SEO

Understanding content marketing to create Topical Authority and DA using keywords, content clusters and content process management.

  1. How to create content that will drive traffic
  2. How content Ranks
  3. Content Clusters and Keywords
  4. Optimizing content for visibility
  5. Creation of evergreen content

Domain Authority and Backlinks

What really are DA, Authority Score and backlinking? How can I scale the process of improving my domain authority without hurting my reputation?

  1. What are backlinks, how to perform a backlinking audit
  2. Content for Backlinks 
  3. What is DA and Topical Authority
  4. How to predict DA and build a DA strategy

SEO Thinking, Products and Sustainability

Wrap up The SEO Masterclass with a final session for SEO Thinking followed by the “Final Assessment” for SEO Sustainability

  1. How to make SEO an integral part of your business strategy, product and roadmap
  2. Create an SEO friendly environment for your business and team
  3. What is an SEO product and how is this related to Product Led Growth
  4. Develop a sustainable SEO roadmap for your business
  5. Learn to use SEO metrics and KPI’s to stay accountable
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