In a world where social media is noisier by the day, and algorithms decide what you see, many people want to return to more direct interactions with other humans. SEO Slack Channels and Communities are a great place to engage in meaningful conversations about SEO (and all adjacent topics). Yet, as of lately, many have wondered if, amidst the chaos, these places are still alive and kicking.

So, are SEO Slack channels and communities dying -- or is this rumor mill yet another untimely obituary?

Let's dig deeper.

What are SEO Slack Channels and Communities 

In short, SEO Slack channels and communities are online chat rooms dedicated explicitly to search engine optimization (SEO). Think of them as the warm and cozy corner in your favorite pub or bar: small enough for everyone to be heard but large enough to fit a bunch of lively conversations.

Slack is a top choice for such channels because it's a free business communication tool that allows you to be part of multiple channels simultaneously. This makes networking and tracking information much easier, as you don't have to switch between multiple tools. Plus, Slack's mobile app gives you the freedom to take your conversations with you wherever you go!

Top 12 SEO Slack Channels and Communities 

There are a lot of Slack channels and communities for SEO pros, but here are some of the most popular ones:

Online Geniuses

This is one of the largest Slack communities for SEOs and pretty much everything related to digital marketing (it currently has more than 40,000 members, and just as many have joined the SEO-dedicated channel within the Slack community.) They hold regular Q&A sessions and past guests have included Rand Fishkin, Tim Soulo, and Gary Vaynerchuck. You can join for free, at this link.


This Slack community is not for SEOs explicitly but for content marketers. However, as the two tend to intersect quite a lot, it might be a good idea for you to join them, especially since this is one of the largest ones in the niche, with more than 14,000 members as of May 2023. You can do it here, for free.

Women in Tech SEO

Women in Tech SEO is a Slack group dedicated to women specializing in technical SEO (as the community name very aptly suggests.) This Slack channel is free and you can join it here.

Traffic Think Tank

This community is specialized in SEO, and you can join it here, for $119/ month. For the money, you get access to the Slack channel, live Q&As, free training, SEO templates, and three expert-level webinars every month.


BigSEO is a Slack group dedicated to more advanced SEOs. The good news is it's free, and you can join easily by submitting this Google Form (they will send you an invite as soon as possible.)

Link Building HQ

This Slack channel is run by SERP and it focuses largely on link building. Although exchanging (or worse, buying) links tends not to be a great idea, joining the Slack channel for true networking, digital PR, and learning opportunities might be a pretty good idea. You can join this community for free, using this link.

CRO Growth Hacks

This Slack channel is mostly focused on Conversion Rate Optimization, but you will frequently find good SEO and growth discussions in there too. It's free to join, and you can become a member using this link.

Creative Tribes

This paid Slack community brings together not just SEOs, but all sorts of creatives and marketing professionals in the digital world. The cost of joining is $27 (and this is a one-time fee.) You can join here.

Marketers Chat

Although this community is largely focused on affiliate marketing, it's also a good resource for SEO professionals. It's free to join, and you can use the link here to get an invite to the channel.


This Slack community is run by Audienti, and it has more than 16,000 members. The group focuses on everything related to growth marketing (and that includes SEO as well.) You can join for free, using this link.

Measure Chat

This might be one of the oldest online communities for SEOs, as it goes back at least 7-8 years. It focuses on advanced and technical SEO, so it can be a great learning opportunity for many. You can join this Slack for free, here.

Growth Marketing Pros

Demand Curve's Growth Marketing Pros Slack community is geared at founders and professionals who want to learn more about the latest growth marketing tactics -- and network with each other. The group is free to join, and you can do it here.

Advantages of Joining SEO Slack Channels and Communities 

Joining SEO Slack channels and communities comes with many advantages. Some of the best ones include

Access to the latest SEOnews

SEO News travels fast -- and even more so when there's no algorithm keeping you in the dark. When you join Slack channels, you join communities of people with the same interests as you -- people who are likely to share the latest  SEO trends, news, and changes in the industry.

Build your SEO network

Networking is invaluable, especially when it comes to online marketing. When you join a Slack community, you can build relationships with people in your niche and collaborate on ideas that can help grow your business.

Chat with like-minded SEO people 

Nothing beats a good chat with someone who gets you. Joining a Slack group for SEOs allows you to connect with like-minded people and bounce ideas off each other.

Learn from people more experienced than you 

There's always something new to learn, no matter how experienced you are in a given field. Joining Slack communities helps you to learn from SEO professionals who have gone down the path before you and get invaluable tips from them.

Get frequent feedback on your SEO 

Sometimes, you just need a sounding board for your ideas -- and SEO Slack communities can definitely play that role for you. You can easily get feedback from people in your Slack group whenever you're stuck, and that's invaluable.

Get access to expertise and education by meeting members 

Nothing beats learning from experienced SEOs. Slack communities allow you to meet (and learn from!) SEO professionals who've done it all and seen it all -- and that is, in itself, invaluable.

Post your content and get more organic visibility 

Posting your content in Slack channels helps you get more organic visibility (and thus, better SEO outcomes). It allows others to learn about what you're doing and help you reach more audiences already likely to be interested in your content. Do keep in mind, however, that you shouldn't spam these Slack communities with your content (many of them have very strict rules as to where and how self-promotional links can be shared.)

Get feedback from people relevant to your industry 

Getting feedback from others in the same field as yours can be invaluable. By joining Slack communities, you can get feedback from professionals who understand your line of work better. This helps you refine your ideas and make better decisions.

Disadvantages of Joining SEO Online Communities

Disadvantages of Joining SEO Online Communities 

Like everything in life, joining SEO online communities comes with a fair share of disadvantages too. Some of them include:

A lot of noise

While there are a lot of learning opportunities in Slack channels, there's also a lot of noise. You will have to sift through tens, and maybe even hundreds of messages daily to get to the good parts -- and that takes time, energy, and consistency.

You may not have enough time 

Time is one of the most valuable resources in our lives -- and being an active member of an online community (or more) can take up quite a bit of it. You will have to dedicate time and energy to being active and engaging, which can be difficult with a packed schedule.

Not all advice is vetted and qualitative 

Just because everyone can voice their opinions in Slack channels, it doesn't mean everyone's opinions are always correct. You will have to do your own research and double-check information before taking it at face value, as not all advice is vetted or qualitative.

Some channels can be very poorly monitored and managed 

SEO Slack communities are pure gold, but when they're poorly managed, they can become chaotic and even toxic. Make sure to check out channels before joining them and pay attention to what kind of conversations are taking place. If there are too many self-promotional posts, or the conversations turn into personal attacks, it's probably best to steer clear.

How to Make the Most Out of an SEO Slack Channel 

In my experience, the benefits of being in SEO Slack channels far outweigh the disadvantages -- especially when you know how to make the most out of an SEO Slack channel to learn, network, and find new opportunities. Here's my take on this:

Avoid Checking Too Often

If you check your Slack channels obsessively, you may end up dedicating too much time to them (instead of focusing on your work and real opportunities.)

...But Don't Ignore Your Slack Communities Either

Likewise, if you ignore your Slack communities for too long, you may miss out on important conversations you could've been a part of, gig opportunities, and major announcements. Check your Slacks regularly to make sure you're not out of the loop.

Don't Over-share Self-Promotional Content

Slack communities are not the place to dump all your promotional content. If you're asked to share links or references, go ahead -- but make sure not to overdo it and risk becoming a nuisance for others. Communicate and promote when allowed (e.g., in direct messages, special channels, etc.), but most importantly...

Be Genuine 

Nobody likes a phony. Show your true self and be genuine with everyone. Ask questions, share opinions (when relevant), answer other people's questions when you can, provide helpful tips and links, and be your most natural self.

Find Like-Minded People and Keep in Touch with Them

The beauty of Slack communities happens beyond public groups. It's the DMs (direct messages) where friendships are formed -- and forged. So, when you meet someone who thinks like you, keep in touch with them. There's nothing more valuable than a good network.

Help Others and Ask for Help When You Need It

No one will judge you if you ask questions, ad people will be grateful for even the smallest bit of help you can provide. The same goes for when you need help. Don't be afraid to ask questions because it's not a sign of weakness -- it's a sign of strength.


If SEOs had a penny for every time SEO's been dead (and then magically resurrected), they'd have tons and tons of pennies. So much they could afford building their own island (or at least optimize it really well for the search engines and then transform it into a money-making machine.)

The same goes for SEO Slack groups and communities too. Some don't survive the test of time. Some do. Some go suddenly quiet. Others are rambunctious with ideas and conversations.

The only way to actually know if an SEO channel works for you is to... (drum roll) try it. It costs little to nothing -- but the ROI can be more than worth the effort.