SEO Coaching For Evolve Artist

During 2021 and 2022, Jason Pittock enabled Evolve Artist on their journey of organic visibility and SEO growth with his SEO Coaching program. 
evolve artist seo case study

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SEO Coaching For Evolve Artist: 3x traffic and impressions in 12 months.

Evolve Artist is an online oil painting art school that teaches pro-level art skills to its students with step by step guided education programme.
Evolve Artist originally reached out to Jason Pittock in early 2021, expressing their interest in understanding how they could maximize their organic reach and visibility.

SEO Challenges Faced by Evolve Artist

Some of the key challenges faced by Evolve Artist in regard to their SEO were:

  1. How to choose the right content from an SEO standpoint without interfering with the core content strategy.
  2. How to understand and categorize different search terms by keyword intent.
  3. How to optimize old outdated articles from their blog and turn them into evergreen content.
  4. What to measure in Google Search Console and how to understand the visibility metrics for better SEO attribution.
  5. How to develop a scalable content creation process.
  6. How to correctly manage Google core updates and plan them into your SEO strategy.
  7. How to develop a strategy to grow Domain Authority taking into account the competitive landscape.
  8. How to optimize the backlink profile to assist in keyword visibility.

Work Completed

Jason Pittock worked closely with the Evolve Artist content, website and marketing team. Attending meetings on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. Closely working with the team to achieve an understanding of the foundational SEO concepts to make SEO an integral player in their core marketing strategy.
The SEO coaching involved documentation of processes, research, and data. Also, this was coupled with detailed 1:1 workshops with the key stakeholders of the project that was then part of the SEO roadmap. This was then used to support the ongoing alignment of the engaged team members and keep the leadership team on board with SEO strategy.
With the SEO coaching, Evolve Artist was able to unlock some of the hardest questions in regard to their SEO journey.



Metrics To Consider

Before After
114 clicks per day323 clicks per day
4207 impressions per day17735 impressions per day

Due to the optimization of each page, content strategy alignment and understanding of organic visibility metrics Evolve Artist was able to triple their visibility and exposure of the digital assets.

This lead to more engagement on the website, increase sign-ups to free content and training and of course an increase in authority that lead to improved conversion rates and revenue opportunities.


Evolve Artist now understands how SEO plays an important role in their customer acquisition journey, and how to optimize their website and digital assets for organic visibility. Bringing together the processes, mindset and culture for SEO to flourish for their business.

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