In today's world, seeing things leaves a longer-lasting impression than reading or hearing about them. I have proven over the years that having the right visual storytelling has both increased my conversion rates but also contributed to growing my traffic and driving engagement.

The reason is actually quite simple: The average human is a visual creature. Moreover, science proves 90% of the data sent to the brain is by visual means. And that’s why visual storytelling is important and should be considered a pillar piece of your content marketing. 

And when it comes to SEO, understanding what triggers your user into making a decision and attracting more, and better-qualified traffic is the top of your priority. 

Visual Storytelling and SEO 

The concept relies on telling stories with the help of visual elements to retain traffic. One of the key signals in SEO is time onsite, CTR, and user journey on your website. 

This could be anything from illustrations and photographs to videos and GIFs. The result is not just one statement of the text, but an entire story.

The strategy is not new and dates back centuries ago. It’s no wonder leading brands are investing an increasing amount of funds in their visual assets. Studies also prove visuals get processed around 60,000 times faster than the usual text. 

This means the better your visual storytelling the more traffic you will retain, the faster they will convert and the closer you can move your users to revenue opportunity. 

The goal of any SEO strategy is to achieve sustainable organic visibility for long-term exponential growth. 

This is where the topic of discussion steps right in. If you’re on the lookout for making a meaningful connection, visual storytelling is the key to grabbing the attention of your target market. Below, we are listing down some leading benefits that prove why visual storytelling is essential. Read on to learn more:

  1. Conveys Your Business Personality Through Your Digital Assets 

Ever wondered how you can make your brand’s story come through in the world of content marketing? If the answer is yes, visual storytelling is right up your alley.

Here, you’re not really selling but taking part in the art of conveying. Think along the lines of putting forward a story that was created by your brand, its users, or a combination of both. 

Graphics can assist in bringing a true essence of what your business is all about. After all, clients want to see what the brand has to offer in a fun and engaging way. 

Moreover, you’re getting the chance to add an element of theater and dynamics that can’t be achieved through text. Along the way, there is an effortless hint of personality that comes disguised in the midst of the story. 

  1. Puts Your Business In The Lead

When it comes to creativity and showing your edge, visual storytelling can show the market your capabilities and expertise. 

Visual storytelling steps right in to assist your business’s marketing in a unique way. It’s the added effort that makes you memorable and sets you up with the right ingredients to take lead in the industry. 

As often referred to by leading marketers and entrepreneurs the answer to successful marketing campaigns in any industry is storytelling. And that stands true ever since the advent of social media.

The outcome of visual storytelling is it creates an emotional connection between the brand and buyer, accelerating the opportunity and showcasing your authority.  

  1. Drives Engagement 

Time is of the essence in the world of content marketing. You’ve only got a few minutes to make the right impression and encourage engagement. 

Users are scrolling down their news feeds on a routine basis and only fall for something that inspirits their senses or makes them curious for further exploration. And that’s right where visual storytelling steps in. 

When you incorporate engaging visuals into your brand’s story, you are better able to transmit your message and communicate to your audience. 

  1. Say Hello To Guaranteed Shares And Better Social Reach

If you happen to be on platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, we bet you’ve liked a post at some point in time and even given a few shares along the way. 

But the question here is whether those shares were for text-based content or something a little more interactive. Chances are that the latter would hold true. 

Visuals trump written text, and when it comes to social, there is no question, that its the future for a huge proportion of social networks. 

Engagement on various social media has nothing to do with your website traffic strategy in such, other than you get a lot of referral traffic from the platforms, but is actually directly linked to creating an emotional connection. 

Therefore, visual storytelling can assist you in targeting a broader audience while increasing awareness of your brand and driving authority at different stages of the funnel. 

  1. Better Understanding And Retention

Making sure your brand targets the right viewers is crucial. However, when you make use of text that features monotonous figures, your mind needs a break to take in everything that’s written. 

What you end up doing is putting more pressure on your mind and overcomplicating things. Let’s not forget how every viewer’s attention is limited. So each second counts before you’re on your way to losing a potential client. 

This is why I often keep emphasizing why a brand’s content needs to have topical relevance and be engaging. Similarly, it shouldn’t take the reader a long time to comprehend and digest. 

As a viewer, no one wants to read something perplexing and forgetful. And that’s where visual storytelling comes into play. It combines impactful messages with the right images to produce a great narrative for the right people at the right time!

  1. Engages The Target Audience On An Emotional Level

I have mentioned in this article the importance of creating an emotional connection. 

What a picture, video, podcast, or ad does can never be achieved by just leveraging copy. 

This is the power of visual elements and SEO-driven visual storytelling. While we agree text aids in delivering information straight up, and encourages conversion rates, they can’t establish that emotional connection that we find from visual narratives. 

These have the tendency to capture the audience and leave an impact.

  1. Breaks Down All Language Barriers

A brand that does not communicate the right message is destined for failure. In most cases, this is directly linked to poor understanding and language barriers.

You can never get your point across without the right form of communication. Another issue is the language barrier. Making sure your message is universal is the way to go. This is where visual storytelling can help your brand. 

Visual content doesn’t require a specific language. They might be perceived a little differently by a few, but the majority understand what is being conveyed. So why not reflect your brand’s perception through a universal method and reap the benefits in-store?

  1. Retain Your Website, Visitors 

Every website hopes that visitors will stay longer and come back for more. The goal is to avoid being forgotten and encourage the next step in your funnel.

As we create SEO-led marketing techniques and deliver more and more content to our website, our goal is that users find us, engage with our content, and return for more. 

Visual storytelling can assist in retaining users for longer periods of time, and also encourage them to return. 

Breakdown your content into visuals, will help your engagement and also enhance the user experience further. 


Visual storytelling has to do with making the right first impression on your website or digital assets count. 

Imagine your brand as a personality, how would you tell the story? How would you like it to be seen? Use visual storytelling to enable your content marketing and grow to the next level.